At Cornerstone Clinic for Women, we perform many procedures on-site — without the hassle and expense of a hospital visit. Our Anesthesia provider ensures that you have a safe and comfortable experience. We are also equipped with a convenient in-house laboratory. With this integrated system, we are able to receive results automatically after processing, which allows us to provide your results faster. 

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Details & Services

Ultrasounds are performed in one of our three ultrasound suites, with same-day results in most cases. We offer the most advanced ultrasound technology available today, including 3D ultrasound that allows you to see your baby in a 3D, real-time color impression. This level of imaging allows patients and families to observe the baby’s features and further bond with the baby in utero. Patients receive color prints and a CD with ultrasound images. 

Learn more about our in-office procedures:

  • Hysteroscopy
    This procedure involves placing a camera inside the uterus by which we can better visualize the endometrium to evaluate for lesions or defects.

  • Polypectomy
    We remove small overgrowths of tissue within the uterus that might be causing issues with bleeding or infertility.

  • Cystoscopy
    By using a camera to look inside the bladder, we can better examine the tissues and ureteral opening. Learn more here.

  • IUD Retrieval
    We can easily remove an IUD under direct visualization when the IUD strings have disappeared from the vagina.

  • Endometrial Ablation
    By burning away the lining of the uterus, we can help relieve heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Colposcopy and LEEP

    We have the ability to evaluate and treat changes of the cervix that have been identified by pap smears.

  • Bladder Botox and InterStim

    In-office evaluation and treatment is available for over active bladder problems with our Urogynecologist.